Top Google Search for Organic Food Directory! Top Google Search for Organic Food Directory

After hovering around 2nd and 3rd place for a year or so (frustratingly, pipped by sites that really don’t offer much at all in comparison!) is now topping Google searches for ‘Organic Food Directory‘! It also topped the Google search for ‘Local Organic Food Directory’! This is great news – it means that… Read more »

Selling Produce Online

Have you thought about selling produce online? If you are reading this you probably like growing high-quality food. You probably also enjoy eating great meals with family and friends. However a lot of people struggle with the steps in between…… where to find, distribute, retail and buy local, organic and biodynamic food and drink?   … Read more »

Organic Fast Food Takeaway

Fast-Food’s Image Problem Organic fast food takeaway? When one thinks of fast-food takeaways or ‘convenience food’ then the image conjured up is not typically one of the best produce prepared in a healthy way – in fact, for the health-conscious, the first reaction is likely to be ‘junk-food’; typically fried and heavy on saturated fats and MSG (albeit with an occasional… Read more »

Thoughts on ‘Big Organic’

big organic at

Is Big Organic Best – or is small organic better?! I came across a very interesting blog piece this morning on the website, questioning whether ‘Organic’ has been stripped of its meaning – in particular by the success of large scale organic agriculture. I have been having some thoughts along these lines myself, wondering… Read more »

Progressive Organic Certification in NZ

During the recent 2015 International Transition Conference I heard that New Zealand has an interesting (and progressive) approach towards Organic Certification. One aspect of this approach that I heard about was the formation of ‘Pods’ of producers in the same geographical area – these pods apparently engage in ‘peer-to-peer’ certification, with national inspectors involved in… Read more »

Food & Money

Food & money – they are intimately related in many ways, a great deal of them problematic (of course, money is related to many things in a problematic way – but this blog is about food!). From the affordability of a healthy diet at a personal/family level (and the myths surrounding the cost of providing… Read more »

Why Eat Organic #1 – The Organic Effect

Pesticide load lower after switching to organic food

Have you heard about the Organic Effect? No? – then it’s lust as well you found yourself here! This is the first post not only of, but the first of many that will address the question: ‘Why Eat Organic?’. I am recommending a short and to-the-point video about a family who usually ate mainstream (non-organic)… Read more »