About the LoopyFood.net Map & Directory

Directory Structure & Contents

Browse the global map of organic food at LoopyFood.net

The directory is structured into a range of different categories/maps, with listing sub-categories also indicated on the map


LoopyFood.net hosts a map-based-directory. What this means is that rather than scrolling down through listings and/or clicking on links to access lists for different geographical area, the food producers and eateries etc. are presented on a map. This reflects the fact that we can process information quicker, more efficiently and more pleasantly when it is presented as images rather than as wordy lists. Maps are also a more appropriate format when you are looking for food that is local or near to you – especially when you have been ‘geo-located‘ on that map (in other words, when your current position is indicated on the map along with the listings); this allows you to assess exactly how convenient a particular listing is for you, providing distance, directions and travel-time at the click of a button! This page describes what is in the directory – searching the directory is explained in more detail here.

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There is just so much information that can be put on a map before it begins to look too cluttered – especially with a project such as LoopyFood.net that wants to help you find anything from local meat producers and veg-box suppliers to restaurants, accommodation, fêtes and festivals, courses and seed-saving groups (and a whole lot more!). The solution is to present a range of maps and to allow you to select which map you want to view, depending on what you are looking for. The directory map, then, has a range of tabs along the bottom, allowing you to switch between the following maps:

The LoopyFood.net Maps

  • Eateries/Watering Holes (e.g., cafés, restaurants, delis, bars);
  • Producers
  • Retailers (including markets);
  • Alternative Buying Schemes (e.g., Box Schemes, Community Supported Agriculture, Food Hubs/Assemblies);
  • Caterers, Chefs and Cooks;
  • Accommodation (with LoopyFood available);
  • Events (including courses)
  • Plant/Seed Suppliers;
  • Seed-Savers & Swappers;
  • Groups/Communities;
  • Education/Training Centres;
  • Teachers, Trainers, Speakers, Performers etc.;
  • ‘No Food Waste!’ Projects (e.g., Food Banks and Surplus Food Projects);
  • Food Start-ups (i.e., emerging food-related enterprises and ideas)
  • Assurance & Certification (Organizations/Schemes for Organic, Biodynamic & similar food/produce);

with further maps to be added in the near future:

  • Maps (e.g. local food maps and other local community project maps) – making a ‘map-of-maps‘!;
  • Opportunities (e.g., jobs, internships, apprenticeships);
  • Loopy Friends (i.e., friendship opportunities with other ‘loopyfoodies’).


Search Bar for finding organic food at LoopyFood.net

There are several maps – one each for Producers, Accommodation etc. – select the map to display by clicking on one of the tabs at the bottom of the map – the current one is highlighted yellow (the search bar is also shown here, where the same categories can be selected)


On each map you can use check-boxes (located in a panel on the right of the map) to visually include, or omit, a range of listing categories, depending what is currently of interest – for example, the Producers map allows you to focus on those who produce fruit, veg, meat, herbs – or who provide fish, game or wildfood – details of what is included on each map/section of the directory can be found here. As if that were not enough, there is also a Search Function (see the Search Bar in the image above) that allows you to search each directory category, and to filter the results according to key-words and other criteria (such as whether produce is certified organic or Demeter/Biodynamic)! Or you can search the whole directory in one go with a Sitewide Search if you know the name of a particular business. Searching the directory is explained in more detail here – although the best way to familiarise yourself with all of this is to head to the directory/map and just start exploring!

Using the Directory at Home – and Away

Close to (a New?) Home

You can use the directory to find all kinds of things close to home; things that you might not otherwise have become aware of (such as seed-swapping groups, food festivals – or even that new organic café that has just opened). Imagine that you are moving to a new home, or heading somewhere for an extended stay: you will be able to find local veg-box schemes, community supported agriculture, food-hubs & assemblies – even new friends!

Planning A Trip?

As well as enabling you to search for accommodation or restaurants at a proposed destination, LoopyFood.net will let you consider the options for buying some organic produce on your journey there or on the way back home; just click on the Producers tab (for purchasing direct from a smallholder or farmer) and drag the map across your screen to check out was is available along your route – maybe also click on the events tab to see if there are any fêtes, fairs or festivals with a ‘good food’ component, either at your destination or along the journey route. The ‘geolocation‘ feature will even pin-point your location on the map and order search results by how near they are to you!

That’s an introduction to the directory – why not go straight to the map and begin exploring?