Adding a Listing

To add a listing now, navigate via the Add Listing page or via the Add Listing item on the Main Menu at the top of most pages – otherwise read about adding a listing below.

You Must be Signed-In to Your Account

In order to add a listing of any category you will first have to register as a member – it’s free and simple, and will also allow you to post reviews and save details such as favourite restaurants, accommodation and food suppliers etc.

Free, Full & Premium Listings

All categories of listing have the option of adding a FREE LISTING; Free organic producer listings are fully-featured, with descriptions, photos, contact details and more; other free business listings are basic, with the option of adding or upgrading to a full or premium listing, which each carry more information and links (and more photos!) – as well as having a very useful Google Analytics widget that provides information about patterns of web-traffic to the listing (see panel on the right). Full listings for non-producer business enterprises have a very modest annual fee (and Premium listings a slightly larger fee) – but for many other categories (e.g., groups/communities, food recycling project, education/training centres, food startups, teachers & facilitators) the full listings are FREE (details of free, full and premium listings can be found here).

Check it is not Already in the Directory!

Use the Sitewide Search on this page to check that the listing had not already been entered in the directory. If it has, and you are the appropriate owner or administrator of the listing, then claim the listing – your credentials will be checked before you are handed control.

Adding a Listing for Your Own Enterprise/Group/Project/Event etc.

Once you are registered and logged in, to add a listing navigate via the Add Listing page or via the Add Listing item on the Main Menu at the top of most pages. Simply choose the category that you want to enter a listing for and type away. NB, for producer listings, the type of package/listing type available depends upon the type of assurance offered by the producer (e.g., Certification or membership of an appropriate organization) – see Producer Assurance for details.

Encourage Appropriate Local Enterprises/Projects to Add Their Own Listings

Do you know of a local LoopyFood enterprise/project/group/event etc. that might benefit from a listing on Let them know about the opportunity by emailing them a link to – and/or use social media (e.g., Twitter™/Facebook™) to spread the word.

Can I Add a Listing on Behalf of Someone Else?

It is not generally permitted to add listings for enterprises/events etc. owned/administered by other people. Instead, if you know of an enterprise/event/group etc. that ought to be on then let them know about the directory and encourage them to add a listing of their own. If they don’t feel technically confident to do so, then by all means contact, and if it’s an appropriate listing I’ll try to find time to put it on the map.

Local/Organic Food advocates may be invited or apply to become a LoopyFood Champion – able to add listings for their local area (or further afield).

Producers: Set up an Online Shopfront with the Open Food Network

If you are a producer, once you have set up your listing, why not set up an Open Food Network Online Shopfront to help you sell your online produce? You can then link through to this OFN Shopfront from your listing!