Clubs and Groups

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Online Clubs and Groups can be set up to allow you to associate with other registered members who share similar interests – each can also have an associated forum for structuring discussions. clubs and groups can be formed around various topics/interests:

  • Food Clubs – e.g., Supper Clubs, Dinner Clubs, Foodie Clubs, Food Course/Study Groups, Clubs for bon-viveurs and gourmands;
  • Book Clubs – for discussing books concerned with food and issues related to LoopyFood, Transition and Resilience;
  • Film Clubs – for discussing films concerned with food and issues related to LoopyFood, Transition and Resilience
  • Growers Groups – for gardeners, allotmenteers, smallholders, farmers etc.;
  • Seed Libraries/Banks, Seed-Savers/Swappers & Plant-Breeders Groups – for those working together on these, and organising seed-swaps etc.;
  • Permaculture Groups – whether purely on-line or out there ‘in the wild’!;
  • Transition & Resilience Groups – whether known by such names or not, including those focused on food and those with a wider remit.

Each club or group can be as open or exclusive as it likes (or as the initial admins select it to be) – the three main types are:

  • Open Clubs/Groups: any registered LoopyFoodie can find the group/club and join it; similarly, they can view/contribute to the associated forum without having to join the group/club to do so;
  • Private Clubs/Groups: any registered LoopyFoodie can find the group/club, although membership is by invitation (which can be requested); only members can contribute to the associated forum but anyone can view it;
  • Hidden Clubs/Groups: only members of the club/group (and administrators) are aware of its existence and membership is only by invitation from the admins who set up the club/group (or those allocated to the admin role once the club/group has been set up); the associated forum is only visible to members (and administrators), and only members may post to it.

Open and private clubs/groups can be found on the Clubs and Groups listing page and at various other places on the website (e.g., they are listed in the sidebar of some pages); the forums associated with open and private clubs/groups are found in the Clubs and Groups section of the forum.

To Set Up a Club or Group

Use the contact form below to get in touch, setting out: the proposed name of the club or group; which type of club it will be (see the first bullet list above); whether it will initially be an Open, Private or Hidden club or group (see above); and the usernames of one or two founding admins (registered members) who will manage the club/group and be able to send invitations to join it.