A Community Interest Company

July 2017: LoopyFood.net is now part of Greenaissance CIC – a Community Interest Company!
It offers FREE listings to organic food businesses – offer to support this if you can!

Greenaissance CIC is a Community Interest Company (CIC) – a Social Enterprise that operates for the good of the community instead of focusing on making profits for shareholders. CIC’s are regulated by a UK Government regulator and an important part of this regulation is the ‘Asset Lock’, which protects assets of the company (including ‘profits’ or surpluses that are made) for use by the community.

The LoopyFood.net mission is to:

  • promote the consumption of food produced locally and to organic (or similar*) standards;
  • by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use map-based directory of local organic (and similar*) food and related enterprises, organizations, projects, groups and activity;
  • while promoting progressive, health-enhancing and environmentally-sensitive food- and community-related issues.

Stepping back, the wider Greenaissance CIC mission is to ‘Promote the Green Renaissance’ – you can read about the Greenaissance CIC mission in more detail on its website.

A key hope of Greenaissance CIC’s welcoming of LoopyFood.net under its umbrella is that the local organic food directory can generate income that Greenaissance CIC can use for its broader programme areas, such as the war against toxic pesticide use.

I hope that LoopyFood.net will be of use to you in seeking, producing, promoting – and especially enjoying! – the best food that is available to you, wherever you are and wherever you travel.

Adrian Patch
Greenaissance CIC

July 2017

For those interested in the ‘credentials’ of the aspiring Social Entrepreneur behind Greenaissance CIC & LoopyFood.net:

  • I have a smallholding that I have run according to organic principles since I set it up in 2010 – selling wholesome food direct to local people, including at the village market that I helped organise for several years;
  • I am a Parish Councillor in a Dartmoor parish, working towards encouraging a more enlightened approach towards local administration; a satisfactory achievement has been convincing the Council to cease using glyphosate and related products in play-parks, playing fields and on other public land – a campaign that I am active in;
  • I am Chairman of the local Village Hall Management Committee, and volunteer a great deal of time (along with similarly active committee members!) to its running and development as a valued community resource;
  • I am sole Director of Greenaissance CIC – a Social Enterprise with big ambitions that are as yet unmatched by the attraction of funding!;
  • I volunteer a weekly slot in the local Village Shop, which is community-run and owned;
  • I have, since 2014, hosted a collection point so that neighbours/local people can enjoy organic veg-boxes from a local farmer who would not otherwise find it worthwhile to drop boxes in this location;
  • I hold a Permaculture Design Certificate, obtained as part of a larger Sustainable Land Use course run by the late Patrick Whitefield.

I am not placing this on record here merely to ‘blow my own trumpet’ – but to demonstrate that at a time when effective PR can result in successful ‘Green-wash’ of projects and businesses (and shift attention away from those who are behind these projects and enterprises) I am happy that I ‘walk the walk as well as talk the talk’!


* The word ‘Organic’ is strictly regulated in many countries, particularly with respect to marketing food; in such countries two items of food may have been produced to the same exacting standards, but only that one certified by an official body may be marketed as ‘Organic’. While the reasons for this are clear – notably, consumer confidence and protection – this raises a barrier (notably of expense) for the smaller producer who wishes to sell food produced to a standard similar to ‘organic’ to local people. Rather than focusing exclusively on Certified Organic produce, LoopyFood.net has decided to attempt to wrestle with this thorny issue and be inclusive of food produced to standards in alignment with the organic movement (and, indeed, the Biodynamic movement) – after all, the organic movement did not initially require that produce be certified, and way before that, when natural food was the norm, the issue of ‘Certified Organic’ would have been meaningless. This issues of standards and assurance are not hidden from LoopyFood.net users: listings indicate the putative status of produce in terms of certification and it is possible to filter directory search results so as to omit non-certified produce. Having said that, many of the listings in the directory have been added by Loopyfood.net, providing information in good faith regarding the certification status and production standards of food offered by the enterprises represented in those listings (with such information coming from publicly available sources provided by those enterprises) and potential customers/consumers should always have any producers/suppliers confirm directly the status of any produce marketed through LoopyFood.net. As in life generally, caveat emptor (‘let the buyer beware’) – for more details see the LoopyFood.net terms and conditions.

Greenaissance CIC is a Community Interest Company Registered in England and Wales, no: 08486504

Please support LoopyFood.net if you are able to – not just by giving money!