Cross-Promotion Offer for Green, Ethical, Organic, Eco & Sustainable Organizations

Cross-promotion offer: would you like your green, ethical, organic, eco or sustainable organization (or event, if suitably large) promoted for FREE? All you have to do is promote in return! For suitable partner organizations will place a Partner Logo (clickable to your website) at various places on the website (including a ‘Partners’ page) – and maybe an advertisement within the ‘You Might Like’ slide-show that appears conspicuously on just about every page on the website, and is tailored to display different content dependent on the global location selected by the person visiting  (look to your right now if viewing on a computer – if viewing on a mobile device it will be below). In return, would like to receive a similar level of exposure on your website or on your promotional material. If you may be interested then use the form below to make a preliminary enquiry.

Links to from your website are particularly sought! If you are able to do this as part of a cross-promotion, then download the logo from the bottom of this page and place it somewhere conspicuous on your website (alternative logos/content can be arranged). is beginning to expand its profile and reach – your organization could come along for the ride as part of a cross-promotion!

NB, if you run a profit-making business then it may be more appropriate to consider advertising on There are also opportunities to become a Main Sponsor/Supporter.

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Right-click on the logo below to download it, and then place it somewhere conspicuous on your website (other content can be arranged and I can assist with technicalities of placement if required). You can then link the logo that is placed on your website to the homepage. I will do the same with a logo from your website! Organic Food Directory