Geolocation – Find Organic Food Near You!

Where Are You – And What Organic Food is Nearby?

If you are ‘geolocated‘ that means that is able to discover your location and offer extra functions such as placing a pulsing blue beacon on the listings map that shows where you are (see below), allowing you to easily see what listings are near to you when you are browsing. Being geolocated also allows you to select ‘near me’ (and maximum distance from you) when you are searching for listings using the Search Bar (see below).

Find Organic Food Near You

When you are ‘Geolocated’ your current location is shown as a pulsing Blue Beacon so that you can easily see what is nearby


To be geolocated, you must click on the ‘compass icon’ at the right of the third box of the Search Bar (see below), and then check the ‘Near Me’ box – the Search Bar is found below the Map on the Home page. At the same time, you can select the maximum search distance for ‘Near Me’ searches. You can turn the geolocation function on and off by clicking on the compass icon on the Search Bar (on the Home page) and checking the ‘Near Me’ button so that it is on or off; a greyed out compass icon means that geolocation is off – a blue compass icon means that it is on.

Search for Organic Food Near You

Select ‘Near Me’ on the Search Bar to activate Geolocation


If geolocation is set on but you cannot see the pulsing blue beacon on the map then you may have to zoom out on the map to find it; if it is in the wrong location then this indicates faulty geolocation – most probably due to your internet host’s server location being identified rather than your browsing position – and in this case you can drag it to your actual location on the screen using your cursor (to ensure that when you look at listing details the ‘distance to’ and directions are worked out correctly). Alternatively you may decide to switch geolocation off using the compass icon controls (see above), and instead search based on locations that you are able to select (in the Search Bar of the Home page), or browse the map using locations that you can select using the Change Location item on the main menu of Directory pages.

Don’t worry, if geolocation does not work properly for you – you will still be able to find listings quickly and easily; geolocation simply offers ‘the icing on the cake’ (probably not a good analogy, given the overconsumption of refined sugar that is linked to health problems in the developed world!). You can always put in your post code/zip code as the location in the Search Bar – or failing that, your town or village.

See Finding Listings for more detail on searching the directory.

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