Food Assurance

In order to add some types of listings to the directory, enterprise owners/administrators must confirm that they adhere to a ‘Food Assurance’ of one type or another with respect to the organic (or similar) status of food served or produce supplied by them (when free basic listings have been added to by Greenaissance CIC or one of its agents, then Greenaissance CIC or that agent is responsible for checking that public claims have been made by the business/enterprise/project etc. with respect to food assurances eligibility). It will always, however, be the customer’s/consumer’s responsibility to have the organic (or similar) status of any food/produce purchased from enterprises found through confirmed by the enterprise that serves or supplies it: caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)!

If an enterprise or project claims to be certified by a particular organic certification body, then why not check with that organization (those that certify organic food in the UK are listed here). Certifying bodies should be fine about confirming whether a business or project is certified by them. The Soil Association makes this easy by providing an online tool for checking their licencees – whether inside or outside the EU. For other certifiers you might have to check their websites. If you become aware of a fraudulent listing – i.e., one claiming to have organic (or Demeter) status when it does not – in the first instance tell the organic certification body that it is claiming to be certified by, then contact providing details so that we can check and delete the listing if necessary. In the UK, if you have concerns about a particular claim regarding organic food consider reporting the enterprise to Trading Standards (you can find your local Trading Standards office here) – and if you have purchased produce or a meal that was sold as organic but think you have a case to prove that it was not, why not consider suing the vendor?!

Details of the various Food Assurances can be found through the following links (as well as in the Terms and Conditions):