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Q: What is LOOPY about LoopyFood?Open Pollinated Varieties at LoopyFood.net

There are at least 3 answers to this:

1. ‘Loopy’ refers to the main qualities of food that are being promoted by
this network/enterprise:

Organic + – certified, or food produced in the same spirit and with the same (or very similar) criteria
Pollinated – e.g., pollinated by insects/wind – not reliant on labs and definitely not GM!
Yummy! – why eat bland over-processed food when so much tasty food is available?!

Click on the relevant word to learn more about these criteria and issues.

2. Some people are just loopy about good, healthy and wholesome food – LoopyFood.net caters for those people!

3. ‘Loopy’ also refers to several ‘virtuous loops’, including:

  • the cycle that sees essential nutrients returned to the soil, the plant, and ultimately to the consumer under organic and related growing systems – this is part of a larger Healthy Loop;


Healthy Loop


  • the cycle that sees money spent on locally-produced food looping back into, and remaining in, local communities and in the pockets of local people (rather then the bonuses of big business directors, the bankers that support them, and a whole range of n’er-do-wells who support the un-wholesome food system!) – this is part of a larger Wealthy Loop (see below) as promoted by local currencies:


Wealthy Loop


LoopyFood – The Path to Health, Wealth(y communities) and Happiness!

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