Organic Food Marketing Resources is building a range of resources and information on marketing the good food (i.e., LoopyFood!), notably:

These are discussed below.

LoopyFood Marketing Materials

LoopyFood marketing materials include posters that can be downloaded and used for FREE to promote your own enterprise while also promoting the LoopyFood values – posters available include:

  • ‘Made With Organic Ingredients’;
  • Food Made With Biodynamic Ingredients Served Here‘;
  • Biodynamic Food Sold Here‘;
  • Organic Food Served Here‘.

All of these posters can be downloaded right now, with more to follow soon.

Food Marketing Forums

The Food Marketing Resources Forum is the place to highlight or discuss food marketing resources. You can post an item about a resource you have come across or post an idea for marketing materials that might be developed – you might even find that someone is already working on a similar idea. Either way – spread the word! Why not go there for a look to see if there is something of interest?

Within the Marketing Resources Forum are separate forums (sub-forums,if you like), where you can discuss LoopyFood marketing materials.

Don’t Forget What’s In the News

Another place to find more up-to-date information relevant to food marketing is in the In the News forums, which is where evidence and support for LoopyFood issues (Local, Organic, Open-Pollinated food) etc. that makes the news are discussed.