Members Guide

The Community components and functions (Groups that may be joined – or created, Forums for discussions, Friends, Messaging other members etc.) are similar to well-known social networks such as F****book. The way the social network works is straightforward and intuitive if you have used F***book, online forums, or anything similar – a general online user guide is available if you need any further pointers (although not all of the social network components described in that documentation is available on Otherwise, post a question in the support forumbut please try exploring the website and reading the guide first if you have a question! You can access your own notifications, messages, groups etc. via the ‘My Profile’ item on the Main Menu at the top of all pages (when logged in).

The Terms and Conditions contain information on the standards of behaviour expected of registered members, including with respect to forum discussions.


Please be aware that:

  • some Member Profile information is visible to others: your Profile Name (how you are publicly identified on the website) – as well as your listings, reviews, favourites, friends, public groups, public forums;
  • you can choose whether to enter information in other fields (e.g., location); and choose who this is visible to (e.g., all members or just your Friends);
  • does not make visible or share the email address that you used when you registered;
  • your account username (that you registered with, and which cannot be changed) will be visible in the URL of your profile page (the page’s web-address that appears in your browser bar at the top) – since these pages may be indexed by search engines (e.g., Google) if you are concerned about your privacy then do not use your real name as your account username – instead use something that does not identify you, such as FoodBoy1 or DevonGal. Your Profile Name (entered under  ‘Profile Details’ when you register) is different from your account username – your Profile Name is how you are publicly identified on the website, e.g., in forums, groups, and you can change it at any time;
  • Administrators can see all content added to the site – including discussions in Hidden Group forums. It is a Admin Policy not to read such hidden forums nor messages between members, although any messages deemed threatening or intimidatory by the recipient may, upon receipt of a complaint, be examined in consideration of possible account suspension or removal.