LoopyFood Champions

Calling all Organic Food Champions!

LoopyFood Champions are organic food champions – plugged-into their local food economies and committed to the principles that underlie the concept of LoopyFood: localisation of food economies; production of food to organic (or similar) standards; open-pollination of food crops (as preferable to GM Franken-foods and laboratory hybridisation); appreciation of yummy food!

Organic food champions at LoopyFood.net might:

  • seek out organic food businesses/projects in their area and encourage them to add FREE (or paid!) listings to the LoopyFood.net directory – or add these listings themselves and encourage those enterprises to claim and manage the listings;
  • write location feature pages for LoopyFood.net for particular cities/towns
  • write other content for the LoopyFood.net website – at the same time promoting their own projects;
  • promote organic food and important food issues to the general public and wider world;
  • be an advocate for LoopyFood.net, encouraging as many people as possible to support organic food and LoopyFood.net in one of the many possible ways.

Local Transition Town and similar organization (organic) food enthusiasts would make ideal LoopyFood Champions! If you are a member of a local Transition Town initiative, then share this page with appropriate colleagues and see who might take on the role – if you write a location feature page setting out local organic and related food situation and issues for your city/town you’ll get a credit and link to your initiative on that page!

Because a LoopyFood Champion ‘carries the torch’ for important food and community-resilience issues they are generally appointed by invitation – but if you think you fit the profile and would like to become one then get in touch using the contact form below: