The Organic Food Community

LoopyFoodies are ‘Foodies’ (people who are passionate about food) who are particularly loopy about clean, healthy, natural food – i.e., LoopyFood. In this section of the website you will find the main elements of a social network for LoopyFoodies, including:

  • Opportunity to set-up online Groups for people with a shared interest (e.g., Raw Food) or for groups that exist off-line, such as Transition Groups, Supper Clubs, Wine Appreciation Clubs, Gardening or Seed-Swapping clubs – in fact, any type of group that has a shared interest around food (or drink);
  • Forums to discuss food and resilience issues with like-minded folk; forums can be dedicated to groups or ‘free-range’ (open to all);
  • Opportunity to make contact with other LoopyFoodies via messaging;
  • Opportunity to build a group of online Friends.
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As the network grows, so will the number and range of groups and the number of people using them. So why not join or start up a group today? To join and make the most of the Community you will need to register an account (it’s FREE!).

A ‘Community of Interest’

The LoopyFoodies social network, when combined with the LoopyFood directory and the additional resources builds and supports a ‘community of interest‘ (a group of people with a common passion) with a focus on food issues. For LoopyFoodies, then, there are groups to join in order stay in-touch with similar-minded folks and food-related issues (such as seed-saving and swapping). This in not just an-online community though, as helps develop links to (and within) the offline world: both through events and courses listed in the directory, and through the facility to use LoopyFoodie groups (such as Food, Film and Book Clubs) to coordinate activities such as restaurant visits and food tours, film viewings and group book-study. In the future, it is hoped that group and individual study can be further developed through the inclusion of online courses.