Partners Partners are organizations with missions similar to that of, or its umbrella organization the Community Interest Company Greenaissance CIC; i.e., they have a green, ecological or otherwise ethical background, mission or goal. will be approaching suitable organizations in order to offer mutual-promotion support – in due course, more partners will have their logos displayed here (with clickable links to their websites), and at other key points on the website.

Open Food Network (UK)

Selling Produce Online with OFN &


The OFN allows food producers to set up an online shopfront – and so sell produce online, direct to local shoppers and buyers. Others are making links with box schemes, shops, markets, food hubs and food co-ops who have set up an OFN ‘shopfront’ to sell produce from several local producers. Here is a case study from an organic farm using OFN. OFN enables producers to link up with each other to share the costs and their existing transportation resources to distribute their produce. It facilitates co-operation and gives control of food distribution back to the producers.