Promote Your Green Ethical Business, Eco/Sustainable Organization, Event etc

Promotional Opportunity

Why not promote your green ethical business or other suitable organisation, events etc. on the in slide-shows (where the images can be ‘clicked through to get to the appropriate website)? ‘You might like:‘ is the advertising slide-show, and is found at the top of the sidebar on the right (look to the right now, or scroll down if you are viewing on a mobile device – you’ll see it!). Slots in the ‘You might like:‘ slide-show of enterprises, events, organizations etc. are available for a fee (see below). Different You Might Like promotional slide-shows appear on pages depending on which location the viewer has selected when searching the directory.

Advertising Policy

The advertising policy is rather simple:

  • only advertisements for products, services, organisations etc. that are in accord with (and other generally progressive) aims and values will be considered – if you are a good organization we will promote your green ethical business!;
  • advertisement charges and packages are negotiated based on the enterprise/organisation’s financial position and what they are happy to pay (see below);
  • no more than 10 advertisements will be included in any ‘You Might Like:’ slide-show at any one time; when an opportunity to join the slide-show comes up (i.e., when an advertisement agreement comes to an end), then the first advertisement on the waiting list will be offered the opportunity to join the slide-show. A target of 10 advertisements on the You Might Like slide-show, along with a random start-slide and slide-order for each visitor to the website, as well as a finely-tuned speed of advert-rotation, ensures that all adverts will receive a very good exposure;
  • the decision of Greenaissance CIC (owner of as to which proposed advertisements to accept or decline is final.

See the Terms and Conditions for full details.

Technical Bits

The advertising slide-show is set up to showcase website home-pages (that I capture with a screen-grab), with a URL link behind them that can be clicked through – I then add a caption to sit on top of the image (see the slide-show at the top of the right side-bar to see how this works). Before submitting an advertisement enquiry (see below) think about how this would work for your advertisement: your image doesn’t have to be a website page screen-grab – we should be able to make a photo or image (.jpg/jpeg or .png format) work, best size is 300px height and 250px width – though this may need a little fiddling with. I’d get it set up to a state that you are happy with before requesting payment. You wouldn’t need to have a URL link behind the image, though that is advisable of course! The caption is up to you – try not to make it so long that it obscures the image though. Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit an advertising enquiry.

Enquire About Advertising to Promote Your Green Ethical Business

If you want to promote your green ethical business on the ‘You Might Like:’ slide-show please submit the requested information using the form below. When entering the amount of money (UK Pounds Sterling: £) that you offer to pay for the advertisement consider what comparable rates would cost elsewhere (to reach such a target audience) and come up with a figure that you would be happy to pay (and specify for how long you would like the add to run for that fee). If I am happy with that figure, I will accept it; if I am not happy I will decline your offer. Once an offer has been declined once you may have the opportunity to submit a revised figure (depending on how I feel about your first offer!) – if a second offer is declined you will have to wait some time before I will consider a further enquiry from you. It’s quite simple: for a deal to be struck we must both be happy with the price and other terms!

(there are also opportunities to become a Main Sponsor/Supporter of, or to strike a Cross-Promotion deal – see the relevant pages by clicking the links for details)