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How Can YOU Help Support Organic Food? In Many Ways!


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Q: Who Can Help Achieve its Organic Food Mission?

Anyone who cares can help support organic food awareness! As the graphic above shows, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can help in some way – each according to their interests and means. The wealthy philanthropist with an interest in organics and ecological issues can consider donating to the project, the successful green/eco/business can consider advertising on Organizations with similar or sympathetic aims to can become partners, so that we can promote each other’s interests. Organic food businesses can place FREE or paid listings on the directory/map. Anyone with a facebook, twitter, or other social network account can share and promote the project! Use the social sharing buttons at the bottom of this page, the home page, or any page on this website (depending on which audience you are sharing with) – maybe the page setting out the FREE directory listings offer if you have a target audience of organic food businesses. If you are actively promoting organic food in your local community – or would like to become active – then consider becoming an Organic Food Champion at

Is There Really a Need to Support Organic Food?

Isn’t organic food doing very well already? Well, it is true that there are a lot of very positive things going on in the organic food world – a huge amount, including:

  • greater numbers of dedicated producers providing healthy and tasty food while developing innovative approaches to crop pest control and prioritising livestock well-being;
  • an emerging trend of organic cafés, restaurants and fast-food takeaways;
  • inspirational blogs and websites championing organic food and healthy living;
  • increasing public recognition of the health and environmental benefits of an organic food diet;
  • and all of the time the organic food sector is going from strength to strength, with a range of buying options such as regular box-schemes, community supported agriculture and food hubs/assemblies.

But we are not quite there yet; the true potential of a fully-functioning open, local and varied organic food marketplace has not quite been realised. Sure, there are neighbourhoods and towns (the usual suspects – you know which, if you are lucky enough to live there!) where you are likely to find organic shops, stalls and coffee-shops – but is it is not the mainstream, not by a long way. There is still a need to support organic food.

Those ‘aware and convinced’ organic foodies are reasonably good at sniffing out local box-schemes, specialist wholefood stores and niche producers – these organic pioneers are usually those with an independent spirit and/or openness to progressive and ecological ideas. Consider those more mainstream consumers who are, on a daily basis, being tempted towards organics – maybe as a result of hearing a food-scare news story, or when they or a family member develops a serious illness, food allergy or other health condition – where are they likely to buy their food? The majority of the general public do the bulk of their food shopping at large supermarket chains (including the local branch of the Coop!) – with increasing numbers using the big players for on-line shopping with home delivery. This is where they are most likely to have their first organic food purchasing experience – and where they are likely to continue buying unless tempted out of their ‘safe zone’. They might benefit from a little help in moving beyond the mainstream supermarket offerings. Out in the wild, so to speak, organic food suppliers are many and varied – and there are increasing numbers of small-scale producers whose produce will never be on supermarket shelves, despite it being fresher and having travelled fewer food miles than the supermarket alternatives. This, then, is the challenge: how to connect the ever-increasing ‘new organic consumers’ and the ‘organic-curious’ with their local organic food producers, specialist organic food stores, box and bag schemes, organic cafés and restaurants etc – and on the other side, how to help those innovative local producers, suppliers and purveyors reach the full range of potential local customers for their wonderful enterprises and projects? This is at the heart of the mission! wants to encourage increasing numbers of the general public to ‘Switch On to Organic’ (now that is a campaign slogan!) – but more than that, wants those new-organic-consumers and the organic-curious – as well as those who regularly buy organic only at supermarkets – to explore and try out other local and alternative organic buying options. needs more resources and support to fulfil this mission. Since its inception, the project has been the mission of one individual, who has poured his own time and resources into it. Recognising that needed to step up its game, including spending on advertising and other promotional work, the project was welcomed into Greenaissance CIC in July 2017 – as a Community Interest Company project it is better placed to attract the funds and other support it needs to fulfil its mission … and that leads to the Organic Food Challenge.

The Organic Food Challenge!

The challenge is simply this: help to support organic food by supporting and helping it fulfil its mission to encourage more people to ‘Switch On to Organic’ and to venture outside of the supermarket system to explore the range of local alternatives; help to develop a truly local and varied organic food marketplace – with the public easily able to find local opportunities to buy and eat organic food.

Q: but what do you need money for?

Firstly, to cover the basic operating costs of, such as internet hosting, domain name registration renewal, website development and backup and other technical costs; secondly, to step up promotional and advertising activity in order raise the profile of – so as develop the open, local and varied market place for organic food; thirdly, for further technical development of the project – e.g., the development and of a user-friendly mobile app, and making it available for free on Android and Apple devices; fourthly to enable Greenaissance CIC to pay a modest living wage to the Project Manager/Developer/Director so that he can spend more time developing this project to its full potential!

Q: but how much do you really need – and what happens to any surplus?

No target has been set – partly to avoid disappointment (however little is forthcoming it will be of use!), partly to not limit ambition (there are many promotional and technical development activities that might be undertaken – the more money raised, the more can be done to promote local organic food). Any surplus can be spent on developing resources for food producers/suppliers/purveyors and/or campaigning activity regarding food issues.

Q How can I be sure any money raised will be used for appropriately?

As part of Greenaissance CIC, is a Community Interest Company (CIC) project (a CIC is a form of Social Enterprise). As a CIC, Greenaissance CIC has an ‘asset lock‘ (meaning that assets and profits/reserves must be used for community benefit and assets cannot be sold off below market rates to benefit any private interests – in the event that Greenaissance CIC ceased operating for any reason, any assets/profits/reserves would go to a nominated similar organization – in the case of Greenaissance CIC that nominated organization is the UK’s Permaculture Association). As a limited company registered in England and Wales (no. 08486504), Greenaissance CIC provides annual accounts that are available for public scrutiny.

Q how can I help without giving money?

A: That is simple! If you really want to help support organic food then spread awareness of , especially by using the social network buttons at the bottom of each page. Certain groups can help in different ways:

  • Transition Townsput a Local Organic Food map on your website; promote the free directory listings to your local food enterprises and projects);
  • Bloggers, Website Administrators and Writers concerned with: Food and Nutrition, Green/Ethical Living, Seed and Food Sovereignty – write an article about and link to this website; share on social media;
  • Social Networker with a large following (e.g., on twitter or facebook) – use the social sharing buttons at the bottom of this page
  • Media Personality, Person with a Public Profile, Celebrity etc. – promote however best you can – especially by linking to this website and sharing on social media (which ever page you think best!);
  • Everyone: tell your favourite local organic food business or project about the FREE LISTINGS at
  • Local/Organic Food Activists: become an Organic Food Champion at

Q: How can YOU support organic food?

This depends to some extent on who you are and what resources, public profile and/or social-networking skills and presence you have. The image at the top of this page illustrates the different ways in which supporters of organic food can help fulfil its mission. Basically, there are two things that are needed right now: financial support for the ongoing viability and development of the project (see below), and advocacy, publicity and other promotional support in order to spread the word about so as to encourage as many organic food producers, suppliers, purveyors and other enterprises/projects to get into the directory as possible (and maybe to unearth some potential benefactors, sponsors, advertisers etc who would support the project financially!). So why not consider donating to the Community Interest Company behind this project (press the button below) – or sharing news of on your social networks (use the buttons at the bottom of each page). If you are actively promoting organic food in your local community – or would like to become active – then consider becoming an Organic Food Champion at


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This link will take you to the website of Greenaissance CIC
– the Community Interest Company behind

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