Terms and Conditions

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LoopyFood.net Terms & Conditions


Greenaissance CIC (Company Registered in England & Wales, no: 08486504) offers the following services on LoopyFood.net:

  1. an online Directory of Listings enabling potential customers to find and contact potential producers, suppliers and providers of food and other products and services; the directory also holds listings of diverse groups, communities, organisations, projects and events – enabling people who may be interested in them to make contact.
  2. Social Networking in the form of online groups and forums;
  3. a Creative Commons licensed brand and associated logos for marketing LoopyFood and related products, services, enterprises, events etc.;
  4. Promotion (advertising) of appropriate products, services, events, organisations etc.

The conditions for each of these are set out below (following a definition of some of the terms used by LoopyFood.net), along with more general conditions regarding:

  1. acceptable standards of behaviour on LoopyFood.net;
  2. breach of conditions;
  3. data protection and privacy;
  4. changes to the website functionality;
  5. changes to these Terms and Conditions;
  6. passwords and security
  7. communications from LoopyFood.net to members
  8. legal disputes.


Greenaissance CIC is not, and will not be, a third party with regard to any purchases, contracts or other arrangements between parties who have dealings of any type as a result of contact through, or use of, LoopyFood.net or associated services and no responsibility can be accepted by Greenaissance CIC for the quality, suitability or acceptableness of any goods or services acquired as a result of using LoopyFood.net; LoopyFood.net allows potential customers to find potential producers, suppliers and providers of various products and services – any dealings between parties coming together as a result of using LoopyFood.net are a private matter between those parties; it is at Greenaissance CIC‘s discretion whether to enter into any disputes between parties coming together or having dealings of any type as a result of using LoopyFood.net.

Where listings are added to LoopyFood.net by people who are not the owner/administrator of the business/project/group/event or other enterprise that is the subject of the listing (e.g., where the listings have been entered by Greenaissance CIC, its employees or authorised agents) the listings details will be entered in Good Faith, with such information having been gathered from sources placed in the public domain by owners or representatives of the relevant business/project/group/event or other enterprise that is the subject of the listing.

Greenaissance CIC accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, inconvenience or adverse consequences arising from dealings that LoopyFood.net users may have with any other parties reached or accessed through LoopyFood.net, without limitation. Users of LoopyFood.net are advised to exercise caution and due diligence in all activities associated with their use of the services offered by LoopyFood.net.


Alternative Buying Schemes‘: Box/Bag Schemes, Food Hubs/Assemblies, Pick-Your-Own, Community Supported Agriculture, Community Gardens (selling produce).

Biodynamic‘: the system of holistic sustainable agriculture developed by Rudolph Steiner; see the British Biodynamic Association (http://www.biodynamic.org.uk/about-bda/faq/) and/or the North American Biodynamic Association (https://www.biodynamics.com/what-is-biodynamics).

LoopyFood Account‘/’LoopyFoodie Account‘: a membership of LoopyFood.net allowing for posting of listings and participation in LoopyFood.net Social Network functions.

LoopyFoodies‘: an alternative name for LoopyFood.net Subscriber/Members.

‘LoopyFood Champion’: an officially-sanctioned agent of LoopyFood.net, with written authorisation to add listings to LoopyFood.net regarding businesses, organisations, groups, communities, enterprises etc. that are the subject of the listing;

Members‘: subscribers to/account-holders of LoopyFood.net;

Open-Gate Policy‘: A policy of allowing customers and potential customers to visit farms, smallholdings, production premises etc. (where appropriate) – usually with some degree of agreed notice.

Open Pollinated‘: Natural pollination of plans, e.g., by wind or insect – leading to a wide and varied gene-pool, varietal adaptability and resilience. This rules out genetic modification technologies and F1 hybridisation. One of the key approaches promoted by LoopyFood.net – although it is not a criteria for inclusion of produce in the directory, in recognition that F1 hybrids are often used by Organic producers due to the consistency of appearance and more condensed timing and of cropping.

‘Organic’: This is usually a regulated word when used in the context of food production – food marketed as ‘Organic’ in many countries (including the UK) must be certified as such by an officially recognised certifying body – with such bodies often regulated by national governments and/or international agreements.

Organic +‘; This term refers to LoopyFood.net‘s policy of including not only Certified Organic and Biodynamic (Certified Demeter) produce/producers in the directory food listings, but also those producers who are members of organizations (such as the Wholesome Food Association in the UK) that promote similar (uncertified) standards of production for small-scale producers who market their produce locally; as well as peer/self-certified producers who have to agree to standards of production similar to Organic and, ideally, an open-gate inspection policy, when they submit a listing.


A) Directory Listings

Authority to Add Listings to LoopyFood.net

Listings may only be added to LoopyFood.net by:

  1. the owner, administrator or other officially-sanctioned representative of the business, organisation, group, community, enterprise etc. that is the subject of the listing;
  2. employees of Greenaissance CIC; or
  3. officially-sanctioned agents of Greenaissance CIC (e.g., ‘LoopyFood Champions).

Producer Assurance

Producer businesses/enterprises/projects etc. are only eligible to add listings for their produce (i.e., in Producers or Alternative Buying Schemes sections of the LoopyFood.net directory) if they or their produce meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Certified Organic or in-conversion to Certified Organic;
  2. Certified Biodynamic (Demeter) or in-conversion to Certified Biodynamic (Demeter);
  3. membership of a LoopyFood.net-authorised organization or peer-/self-certifying scheme (as specified on the LoopyFood.net website; or
  4. the producer provides an assurance (signifying ‘self-assured’ producer/produce for the sake of this document and with respect to LoopyFood.net business in general) that their production methods are ‘similar to Organic’.

Only those who qualify under points 1-3 above are eligible for free basic listings (see below) for their produce or enterprises etc.; self assured produce/producers (i.e., those qualifying for inclusion in the directory under point 4 above) may only submit full (paid) listings (see below) in Producers or Alternative Buying Schemes sections of the LoopyFood.net directory

When the producer assurance details have been completed as part of a listing submitted to LoopyFood.net by Greenaissance CIC or one of its agents (see above), then Greenaissance CIC or that agent is responsible for ensuring that public claims have been made (e.g., on a website or in marketing material) by the producer business/enterprise/project etc. with respect to eligibility status regarding producer assurances.

Eatery/Drinkery Assurance

Eateries and Drinkeries (e.g., Restaurants, Takeaways, Cafés, Pubs) must, when they submit a listing to LoopyFood.net, confirm that as a rule food or drink containing mainly Organic or Biodynamic ingredients is available at the business outlet(s). It will always be up to the customer to seek verification of the organic (or similar) status of any food or drink consumed at or purchased from those enterprises.

When the Eatery/Drinkery assurance details have been completed as part of a listing submitted to LoopyFood.net by Greenaissance CIC or one of its agents (see above), then Greenaissance CIC or that agent is responsible for ensuring that publicly verifiable claims have been made by the business/enterprise/project etc. with respect to eligibility status regarding the above assurance.

Accommodation Food Assurance

In order to have listings accepted on LoopyFood.net, accommodation suppliers must be able to provide an assurance that they either serve or can supply organic (or similar) food and/or drink. ‘Organic or similar’ means food or drink that is from a producer that is either:

  • Certified Organic or in-conversion to Certified Organic;
  • Certified Biodynamic (Demeter) or in-conversion to Certified Biodynamic (Demeter);
  • a member of an organization or scheme (approved by LoopyFood.net) for producers who adhere to standards similar to Organic.

This is an assurance from the accommodation enterprise/listing owner that such produce is available at all times and as a matter of routine – accommodation providers should expect that any customers might wish to see food packaging and kitchen cupboards/pantries/stores to verify the claims made about the nature of the food that is served/supplied to them.

Accommodation providers giving an assurance that food served is organic (or similar) are advised to provide information about the suppliers of that produce – on their LoopyFood.net listing, on their own website, and/or in other materials supplied or made available to their customers. Accomm-odation providers should also expect, and be receptive to, requests from their customers to check the sourcing of food served to them.

Accommodation providers giving an assurance that food supplied is organic (or similar) may expect enquiries from resident customers where produce is not in the original packaging that confirms its status. Self-Catering and Camping accommodation listed on LoopyFood.net should at least offer to help source organic (or similar) produce locally, ideally with a service of preparing (or having a local shop prepare) a box of organic (or similar) produce – with details of the service and any local suppliers who are used provided on their LoopyFood.net listing, on their own website, and/or in other materials supplied or made available to their customers upon booking. It would be quite acceptable for Self-Catering/Camping accommodation providers to supply details of local organic veg-box suppliers, for instance, that will deliver to the accommodation – or to provide a list of local retailers/suppliers of a range of organic (and similar) produce, with contact details.

Accommodation providers are encouraged to provide web-links on their listing to the local producers/suppliers of organic (or similar) produce that they use – especially to LoopyFood.net listings for those producers/suppliers!

Reports from customers that accommodation providers are not meeting the organic (or similar) assurance made to them/LoopyFood.net will be taken very seriously, and may result in listings being taken down from the directory. In the event that enterprise/listing owners are found to be in significant or repeated breach of this assurance the relevant listing will being removed from the directory (without refund) and the user may have their LoopyFood.net account closed (with a possible ban on further LoopyFood.net membership).

When the accommodation provider’s assurance details have been completed as part of a listing submitted to LoopyFood.net by Greenaissance CIC or one of its agents (see above), then Greenaissance CIC or that agent is responsible for ensuring that publicly verifiable claims have been made by the business/enterprise/project etc. with respect to eligibility status regarding the above assurances.

Free Listings

Two types of free listings are offered on LoopyFood.net:

  1. Free Basic Listings for organic food businesses/money-making enterprises/events (comprising Title, Address, Category and, where appropriate (e.g., for Events), Date/Time information, as well as a map marker);
  2. Free Full Listings for community/non-business and certain other types of listing (including organic food producers, producer/farmers markets, Alternative Buying Schemes and non-charging events), comprising the information allowed for Free Basic Listings plus other information such as detailed description, images, telephone number, website addresses, email contact, special offers etc.

Except for Events, Free Basic Listings do not allow inclusion of telephone numbers, website addresses, email addresses nor any means of contact except address for correspondence; successful attempts to include telephone numbers (allowed for Events), email/website addresses or other methods (other than physical address) of contacting the business represented in the free listing (e.g., in Title or Image listing fields) will be interpreted as an intention to contract for a full (paid) listing, resulting in the upgrading of the listing to a full listing and the raising of an invoice for the listing, which will be sent to the listing owner. Attempts to abuse the free listings offer (e.g., by not honouring the intention to contract described immediately above) may result in the removal of the listing in the first instance and deletion of the offending account in the second instance, with the possibility of a ban from LoopyFood.net subscriber membership for the user adding the listing and/or a ban from the LoopyFood.net directory of the business/enterprise/etc. that was the subject of the offending listing submission.

Free Full Listings for Producers’/Farmers’ Markets are not intended for Farm Shops/Stalls where producers/businesses sell their produce – in such an instance, the appropriate listing would be a Free Basic or Paid Retailer Listing.

Free Full Listings for Producers’/Farmers’ Markets should ideally be submitted to the directory by the owner/administer of that Market business/enterprise; a producer with a stall at a Producers’/Farmers’ Market is allowed to submit a listing for a Market where they have a stall for their produce at that Market and it can be demonstrated that they have made unsuccessful efforts to encourage the owner/administrator of the Market business/enterprise to add the listing themselves – in such a case, the listing should be for the Market as an entity and not solely for the producer’s stall (e.g., details of the range of other producers attending the market, especially organic and similar producers, must be supplied).

Paid Listings (and Expiry)

Paid Listings money-making organic food and related enterprises other than organic food producers and Alternative Buying Schemes must be purchased using one of the payment methods offered at the checkout contained at the end of the listing submission process. If full payment for a listing has not been received in Greenaissance CIC’s bank account within 5 working days of listing submission then that listing may be deleted or hidden until such time as payment has been received.

A renewal reminder will be sent to owners of paid listings via the email address that they have registered for their account 10 days before that listing is due to expire. If the listing is then renewed by paying the appropriate amount before the listing expires it will not be taken down from the website (any days remaining on the current listing subscription will be added to the new term of subscription at renewal).

If a full or premium paid listing expires at the end of its term it will usually revert to the free basic listing format – i.e., with just listing title, main category, address (and map marker); it is possible though that upon expiry of the paid term a full or premium listing may be deleted. If the listing is not deleted (but instead downgraded to a basic listing) at the end of a paid term it is likely that expired listing information will need to be re-entered again if the listing is to be upgraded once again to a full or premium listing.

Income from paid listings may be used to remunerate Greenaissance CIC Directors or employees for work undertaken on the LoopyFood.net project or for any other work for Greenaissance CIC.

Claiming a Listing

Listings added to LoopyFood.net by Greenaissance CIC (or its agents) for businesses/projects/groups/ events or other enterprises owned or administered by others parties may be claimed by those other parties through the claim listings process (via the Business Owner? link near the top of the right hand panel of the listing). In order to make a successful claim and take over administration of a listing, a claimant must confirm that they are the bona fide owner/administrator of the particular listing – ideally assisted by using a publicly verifiable email address when signing up for the LoopyFood.net account used to claim the listing (i.e., one publicly associated with the particular business/project/group/event/enterprise – for instance on a relevant website); other means of demonstrating claimant bona fides will be considered – e.g., leaving a telephone contact number that can be publicity verified as being associated with the particular business etc., and which can be used for verification purposes. By claiming ownership of a listing the claimant is asserting that they are legally associated with the business/project/group/event/enterprise etc. represented by the listing and have the owner’s consent to edit the listing; if they are not associated with the business etc. and they edit the listing with malicious intent – or with any adverse consequences for the business/project/group/event/enterprise etc. represented by the listing, or any other person, business or party – they will be solely liable for any legal action or claims for damages that result.

Upgrading a Listing

If upgrading a listing from one paid type to a more expensive type of listing – e.g., from a single category to a multiple category listing, from Full to Premium listing, or from Full Veg-Box Producer to Multi-Location (i.e., including drop-off points) listing – please be aware that for contractual and billing purposes this will effectively be a 2-part process: voluntary cancellation of the original listing and completion of a new order for the upgraded listing. This means that there will be no refund (pro-rata or otherwise) of fees paid for the original listing, unless the upgrade should take place within the first 30 days of payment for the original listing that is being upgraded (in which case the first, less-expensive listing fee will be refunded – contact LoopyFood.net for details).

Listing Renewal and Lapsed Listings

Paid listing holders will be contacted by email 10 days before their listing expires to remind them of the expiry date and encourage renewal of the listing. If payment for renewal of the listing is not made before the expiry date then the listing will be removed from the directory at the time of expiry (paid listings will be downgraded to free listings).

Unauthorised Listings Added by Third Parties

Any listings that are submitted to LoopyFood.net by parties who are not authorised to do so (see above) will be liable for deletion. Repeat offences may be punished by deletion of the account that was used to make the unauthorised listing submission along with any bona fide listings that may may have uploaded (and paid for) using that account – no refunds of fees will be made in such circumstances and there is a risk that the offender may be banned indefinitely from LoopyFood.net membership.

Inappropriate & Misleading Listings

Any listings judged inappropriate or misleading will not be made live (or will be removed if they have been made live) and any monies paid to add that listing may be forfeit (depending on the nature of the inappropriateness). Inappropriate or misleading listings are those which:

  • have been submitted with deliberately misleading information (e.g., claiming that Organic/Biodynamic/similar produce is regularly stocked or produced when that is demonstrably not the case);
  • contain material counter to the values and principles of LoopyFood.net and Greenaissance CIC;
  • contain material that is unlawful or illegal;
  • contain material that is threatening or offensive to any persons or groups; or
  • are otherwise deemed offensive by Loopyfood.Ltd.

The opinion of Greenaissance CIC in these matters is final. If you are unsure as to the appropriateness of a potential listing then please check with the LoopyFood.net office before submitting that listing.

Greenaissance CIC is not responsible for the content of any websites accessed through any listings carried on LoopyFood.net.

Listing Images

Any images uploaded for listings may be used on other parts of the website as deemed appropriate (e.g., in Slide-Shows that present selections of listings, on the listing Showcase page, or on other static pages, including the Home Page) – in such cases the image will be provided with a link through to either the listing that provided the image or to the Image Credits page, where the image source listing will be credited. Any incorrect attributions for image credits will be corrected at the earliest opportunity once LoopyFood.net has been informed of the error and checked the veracity of the claim.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is offered as a non-guaranteed extra for listings; LoopyFood.net and Greenaissance CIC can accept no responsibility for malfunctions or errors in this service, nor liability for the consequences of malfunctions or errors in the service.

B) Social Networking

Users of LoopyFood.net are advised to exercise caution and due diligence in all activities associated with their use of the Social Networking offered on LoopyFood.net.

If any LoopyFood.net forum set up by an external organizations for use by its members grows to such a size that it constitutes a sizeable use of LoopyFood.net website/server resources then it may have the ability of its members to upload files to the website curtailed or restricted and/or it may be approached to ascertain if it would consider making a financial contribution towards the running of LoopyFood.net.

See Section E (below) for conditions regarding the standards of behaviour expected when using LoopyFood.net.

C) The LoopyFood trademark, LoopyFood Logos and Related Marketing Material

The LoopyFood trademark, logos and related marketing materials are made available for use and/or adaptation under Creative Commons licences (see website links for details) – subject to the following additional conditions:

  1. that they are not used in any way whatsoever to purposefully, or in any way likely to, damage the good standing or interests of Greenaissance CIC or LoopyFood.net;
  2. that they are not used in any way whatsoever to purposefully, or in any way likely to, damage the good standing or interests of the Organic and/or Biodynamic movements and markets (including producers and those offering services);
  3. that they are not used in any way whatsoever to purposefully, or in any way likely to, damage the good standing or interests of the Local Food, Slow Food, Open-Pollinated Seed, Permaculture, Transition Town or related movements;
  4. That they are not used in any unlawful or illegal way or to promote unlawful or illegal practices.

Appropriate lawful and legal action will be taken as necessary to protect the interests of Greenaissance CIC with regard to the above; the right of Greenaissance CIC to claim English Common Law jurisdiction (unless it deems other statutory jurisdictions appropriate) in any dispute regarding its interests is asserted.

D) Promotions (Advertising)

Advertisement agreements are determined and formulated by the potential advertiser making an offer to Greenaissance CIC that is subsequently accepted in accordance with English Contract Law.

Advertisements considered by Greenaissance CIC to be offensive, unlawful, or not in sympathy with LoopyFood.net and Greenaissance CIC‘s mission, aims and values, will not be accepted.

If significant technical changes are made to the LoopyFood.net advertising system (e.g., development of the advertising system so as to allow for country-specific advertisements) every effort will be made to incorporate existing advertising agreements within any new technical arrangements. If no solution is found that is acceptable to both parties in such situations, and it is therefore considered necessary to end an advertising agreement, then any advertisement duration outstanding will be refunded pro-rata – i.e., taking into account unused time.

Greenaissance CIC is not responsible for the content of any websites accessed through any advertisements carried on LoopyFood.net.

Income from advertising on LoopyFood.net may be used to remunerate Greenaissance CIC Directors or employees for work undertaken on the LoopyFood.net project or for any other work for Greenaissance CIC.

E) Standards of Behaviour Expected

Unsuitable Material

All listings, advertisements, forum postings, comments, reviews – and any other material submitted to or published on LoopyFood.net is expected to conform to commonly accepted and lawful/legal standards of decency, including language used and demonstration of respect with reference to other persons. If an ‘average person’ might be offended, or feel threatened, by a written comment or submitted image then that image or comment may be removed from LoopyFood.net, with the perpetrator given a warning at the very least. Material (including listings) judged to be in breach of LoopyFood.net guidelines or conditions – or otherwise potentially offensive, defamatory, threatening, or libellous – may be deleted without notice by LoopyFood.net administrators or moderators. Persistent offenders will see their accounts deleted and will be banned from holding further LoopyFood.net accounts. Any material submitted to LoopyFood.net that is judged ‘unsuitable’ and taken down from public view may be retained and provided to appropriate parties for use in criminal or civil proceedings. The decision of Greenaissance CIC in these matters is final.

F) Breaches of These Conditions


Depending on the seriousness of the breach of conditions, the perpetrator may be be given one or more warnings before further action is taken.

Account Deletion

Accounts associated with breaches of LoopyFood.net conditions may be deleted without notice by LoopyFood.net administrators; regardless of whether warnings have been previously given (depending on the seriousness of the breach in conditions). When an account is deleted due to breach of conditions then any listings submitted or managed by that account may (at the discretion of Greenaissance CIC) also be deleted, with a forfeit of any fees paid for those listings.

G) Data Protection and Privacy

Aside from information made freely and publicly available on LoopyFood.net, no user/subscriber/advertiser/customer information is consciously or deliberately copied to, shared with, sold or given to any third parties by LoopyFood.net, Greenaissance CIC, or any official agent of either.

This website uses Cookies in order to improve the experience of users. Such use is as required by the software technology used to administer the website and no use of Cookie data is made by LoopyFood.net or Greenaissance CIC beyond that required for the satisfactory functioning of the website. Users are responsible for setting their browsing device’s privacy (e.g., Cookie) settings to an appropriate level of security when using LoopyFood.net.

Your Profile Name entered at registration is used to identify you on LoopyFood.net (e.g. in Forums and Groups and as the owner/author of listings and listing reviews); you can change this at any time once registered. Your Account Username entered at registration CANNOT be changed after registration; this appears in the URL of your profile page (the page’s web-address that appears in your browser bar at the top) – since these pages may be indexed by search engines (e.g., Google) if you are at all concerned about your privacy then do not use your real name as your Account Username – instead use something that does not identify you, such as ‘FoodBoy1’ or ‘DevonGal’.

LoopyFood.net does not make your email address visible or available to other users – it is used solely for communications from LoopyFood.net.

LoopyFood.net Administrators can see all content added to the site – including discussions in Hidden Group forums. It is a LoopyFood.net Admin Policy not to read such hidden forums nor messages between members, although any messages deemed threatening or intimidatory by the recipient may, upon receipt of a complaint, be examined in consideration of possible account suspension or removal.

Any listings added by LoopyFood.net, Greenaissance CIC, or any of their agents, will be removed from the directory at the earliest opportunity upon request by the owner or administrator of the enterprise, project, event, group, organisation etc. that is represented in that listing.

Please respect the privacy of other members when using LoopyFood.net.

H) Changes to the Website Functionality

Changes to the content and functioning of LoopyFood.net may be made as deemed appropriate as-and-when required, without notice when this is deemed necessary. LoopyFood.net will endeavour to announce any significant changes to website functionality through Site-Wide Notices viewable on the homepage and throughout the website.

I) Changes to these Terms & Conditions

LoopyFood.net may at any time make changes to these Terms and Conditions as-and-when required; changes will be notified by posting the revised Terms and Conditions on the website, through Site-Wide Notices viewable on the homepage and throughout the website and/or by sending an email to the last email address provided to LoopyFood.net. Unless you terminate your account within ten (10) days of notification, the new Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately and apply to any continued or new use of LoopyFood.net.

J) Passwords & Security

Members are responsible for keeping their password confidential and for any LoopyFood.net account that they have access to, whether or not authorized to use. Members must immediately notify LoopyFood.net of any unauthorized use of accounts. LoopyFood.net cannot be responsible for any losses due to stolen or hacked passwords.

K) Communications from LoopyFood.net to Members

In addition to sending emails necessary for administering accounts and listings, LoopyFood.net may, from time-to-time, send email communications (e.g., newsletters) to its members – when registering with LoopyFood.net, you are agreeing to this. Non-essential admin email communications (e.g., General Newsletters) will offer an ‘opt-out link’ for the associated email list – exercising this opt-out will lead to the removal of the associated account’s email address from the associated mailing list.

L) Legal Disputes

Greenaissance CIC asserts its right to claim the jurisdiction under which disputes relating to its activities and behaviour fall; this will typically be English Common Law; at the same time LoopyFood.net reserves the right to claim and call upon any statutory and/or lawful jurisdictions as-and-when deemed appropriate.


Greenaissance CIC is a Company Registered in England and Wales, no: 08486504