How to Upgrade a Listing

The amount of information included in a FREE listing varies according to whether the listing is for an organic food producer, another organic food businesses (e.g., accommodation or place to eat/drink) or a community group, project or event: free organic food producer listings are fully-featured, a free non-producer business listing is rather basic, including the business name, it’s category (e.g., cafe, restaurant, hotel, vegetable producer), a map icon at its location as on the main directory map as well as a listing page showing the address and a smaller map that can also be used to provide directions – whereas a free community listing can include lots of other additional information, including website address and telephone/email contacts. Apart from organic food producers, each free business listings can be in only one category (e.g., as a restaurant OR as a Café; as a Farm-stay OR as a Camping venue), whereas there is no such restriction for community listings (& most FULL and PREMIUM business listings).

Free BASIC non-producer business listings can be upgraded* for a very modest fee (e.g., £15/year – about $20/€17) to FULL listings, which include a lot more information (including photos, website links and other details). A lot of this specialist information can be used to hone directory searches, for instance when people are searching for restaurants that allow bring-your-own (BYO) alcohol, offer delivery, or cater specifically for vegetarians or vegans – each type of listing (e.g., accommodation, producers, retailers) allows this type of specialist searching. PREMIUM business listings (at a little higher cost) allow extra-special eateries/drinkeries and accommodation providers to distinguish themselves and highlight their offerings. For more details of free/basic, full and premium listings see here.

In order to upgrade a basic business listing to a full or premium listing (or to upgrade a full business listing to a premium one in the case of accommodation and eateries/drinkeries) you have to be the listing owner – i.e., you must have added it to the directory or claimed it. In each case, you must have registered for a account first. Once you own a basic business listing you can upgrade it by going to the listing details page (while logged in) and clicking on the Upgrade Listing link on the right hand column of the listing. This will allow you to choose the desired package and add the additional listing information (including photos) before you are taken to the checkout to pay for the upgrade.


* NB, for producer listings, the type of package/listing type available depends upon the type of assurance offered by the producer (e.g., Certification or membership of an appropriate organization) – see Producer Assurance for details.