Writing for LoopyFood.net

There are a number of different opportunities to write guest content for LoopyFood.net. No fees will be paid for this content, but it provides an opportunity to promote your project, enterprise or blog/website. The three main writing opportunities are:

  •  Guest Blog Posts in the main LoopyFood.net blog – if you are an established expert, researcher or commentator in a field within or related to the LOOPY agenda: Local Food, Organic Food, Open Pollination or Yummy Food;
  • Organic Bloggers showcase blog articles – for established or beginning bloggers writing about organic food, local food and the rest of the LOOPY agenda (this section will be found under Blogs on the main menu at the top of each page, and will be promoted prominently on all blog pages and in general PR for LoopyFood.net);
  • Organic Scene content to set out what is happening in organic food terms in a particular location – e.g., town or city (or in exceptional cases a country or region of a country). This content will be incorporated in the location description pages for LoopyFood.net directory location pages. This content needs to demonstrate an informed and comprehensive understanding of a location where there are significant opportunities to purchase and enjoy organic food.

All prospective content is expected to be:

  • clearly written, with good grammar and spelling (some minor editing by LoopyFood.net is acceptable – but not whole-scale re-writing);
  • of relevance (and sympathetic) to the LoopyFood.net aims, mission and values;
  • not published with essentially the same content and structure elsewhere.

Please don’t send in articles speculatively; invitations for Guest Blog articles will be issued to potential contributors every now and then. In the meantime, speculative pitches for each of the three content types set out above are acceptable, in order to check if there is interest in the broad idea that you would wish to explore or present – but please don’t send a full article uninvited. All contributions will be rewarded by an outward link to your own blog or website, and it is expected that you will also link to LoopyFood.net‘s homepage (or other suitable page) in return

Please contact LoopyFood.net if you are interested in any of these writing opportunities.