Writing for LoopyFood.net

There will be occasional opportunities to write features/articles for LoopyFood.net. No fees will be paid for this content, but it provides an opportunity to promote your project, enterprise or website. These articles will be published either as ‘Guest Blogs’, or in another, yet-to-be-determined, format on LoopyFood.net. These prospective articles are expected to be:

  • clearly written, with good grammar and spelling (some minor editing by LoopyFood.net is acceptable – but not whole-scale re-writing);
  • of relevance (and sympathetic) to the LoopyFood.net aims, mission and values;
  • not published with essentially the same content and structure elsewhere.

Please don’t send in articles speculatively; invitations will be issued to authors once LoopyFood.net is fully up and running. In the meantime, speculative pitches for articles/guest blog pieces are acceptable, in order to check if there is interest in the broad idea that you would wish to explore or present – but please don’t send a full article uninvited.